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. Beams fixed at one End.


Case II), it will be found that the total ordinates under p q vary
as the square of their distance from q, proving that k q l^ is a
continuous parabola.

The Shearing Force at A consists of

289 W+ -2ii W=   and at c= -289 W

and the diagram is a straight line.    (See Appendix //., p. 848.)

VIII. Beam fixed at one end, supported at the other, and loaded
by its own weight (Fig. 401).  This case may be deduced from the
first figure on p. 850, and the point of contra-flexure is -25 / from
A and 75 / from J. Bending Moment

At   E = (-jr- J generally =

At ag^ -375 W x -25 / =
25 W x -25 /

0937 W/
"0312 W/

Shearing Force at A=:^ ^ 4-^ ^=8 -625 W, and at 1 = ^1^1
= -375 W, The curves will be found continuous in both
diagrams. (See Appendix //.,/. 852.)

Combination Diagrams are shewn in Fig. 402 based on cases
already discussed. The final shaded; areas Bfand Sf are found